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How To Allocate In A Recession - Lessons from a Multi-Million Dollar Website Portfolio

Today, Ewen Finser from Venture 4th Media shares his insights about allocating and managing multi-million-dollar website portfolios, particularly during a potential recession.

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Today we are speaking to Ewen Finser from Venture 4th Media about managing multi-million-dollar website portfolios.
In particular, Ewen will be giving us insights into what we can do during a potential recession (or a market downturn) at the multi-million-dollar level when managing many websites.
He’ll also give us an update on the current marketplace and explain some of the changes happening in the economy, the search space, and websites in general.

Today, You Will Learn

  • Why content websites are still attractive for today’s investors
  • The process Ewen uses to build his portfolio of content websites
  • How he reinvests into his websites
  • When to build from scratch and when to buy established websites
  • How he purchased a website for less than 1.5x revenue
  • And much much more.

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Thanks for listening.  We hope you enjoyed today’s episode and have been inspired by Ewen’s insights, to learn how to allocate your portfolio in a recession.  Additional resources and show notes are provided below.

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