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Want To Build Wealth But Can't Afford Property? Here's What We'd Do If We Started Again

If we had to start again to build generational wealth WITHOUT having to spend millions of dollars in property, this is what we would do…

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What would we do today if we had to start again and build generational wealth?

We wouldn’t recommend quitting your job. We also wouldn’t recommend spending millions in property.

Instead, we would recommend doing what Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad Poor Dad recommends: Become an investor and business owner. But not in the traditional sense.

Today, we’re going to cover how you can build wealth by buying an online business for just $5000.

Today, You Will Learn:

  • How you can take control of your own wealth creation
  • 4 benefits of investing in online website businesses
  • How to increase your cash flow without having to quit your job
  • How online businesses can help you create generational wealth.

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About Your Host's - Matt and Liz Raad

We are the founders of the Digital Investors Podcast, and eBusiness Institute, an online education and training organization that provides digital courses to help everyday people develop the practical skills they need to future-proof their income. 

Since 2010, we have taught online beginners all over the world our practical system of reaching $10,000/month working from home with semi-passive income websites.

Our goal with the Digital Investors podcast is to teach you how you can increase your income and grow your wealth by acquiring websites and online businesses.

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