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What is Angel Investing with Brian Cooke and Matt Raad

On today’s Digital Investor podcast, Matt Raad dives deep into angel investing with Brian Cooke, a seasoned entrepreneur and mergers & acquisitions expert.

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What does it take to turn a small startup into a billion-dollar success?

Join Matt Raad on the latest Digital Investor podcast as he dives deep into angel investing with Brian Cooke, a seasoned entrepreneur and mergers & acquisitions expert.

Brian shares his journey from founding an online business to handling billion-dollar deals and reveals how you can achieve staggering returns like 2,600x with companies like Canva.

Don’t miss out on these insider tips and inspiring stories that could change your financial future!

Tune in to this interview with my good friend and colleague Brian Cooke, non-executive director of Brisbane Angels to hear his insights.

Today, You Will Learn:

  • What angel investing is
  • How you can make money out of it
  • How passive it is
  • Who it may suit and who it may not suit
  • The ins and outs of angel investing
  • If you’re an entrepreneur building a business, what it means to attract Angel Investors.

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Thanks for listening.  We hope you enjoyed today’s episode and have been inspired by Brian’s insights, to learn new ways to grow your wealth and income with online assets and angel investing.  Additional resources and show notes are provided below.

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