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Matt and Liz Raad

Welcome! This is a new podcast about investing in digital assets, including websites and online businesses, showcasing how real people generate wealth, transition to online income and build high cash-flow portfolios in the new digital economy.

Hosted by Matt and Liz Raad – successful website investors, angel investors, and digital educators who have helped thousands of entrepreneurs generate millions of dollars in sales and valuation.

In this podcast, they reveal their strategies for success in buying, building, renovating and selling websites, and interview real people from all walks of life who have bought and grown online business, earning from thousands per year up to millions. Listen now for education, ideas and inspiration!

Meet Your Hosts

Matt and Liz Raad have been investing in business for over 30 years, and in websites since 2009.

They are passionate about sharing their strategies and inspiration with people who want to take control of their future and learn how to thrive in the new digital economy.

They love celebrating and sharing peoples achievements, and enjoy designing their online business to suit their lifestyle.

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Featured Episodes

Ep 64: How This Father and Son Team Turned $1Mil into $2.5Mil within 2 Years

Today, you’ll hear how this father and son team used OPM (other people’s money) to generate a yearly income of 600k from a simple pet blog – impressive!

Ep 72: Multi-Million Dollar Website Deals and the Surprising Value of Digital Agencies

Join Izach Porter, a 20-year veteran in mergers and acquisitions and the man behind deals worth up to $300 million, as he reveals the art of buying and selling websites on a mind-blowing scale.

Ep 12: How Alborz Fallah Built a $25 Million Dollar Website in 18 Months

In this episode, you will learn two ways to build a million dollar website: (1) You can figure it out on your own or (2) you can listen to someone who has already done it.

Ep 53: Flipping a 10k Website into a 1.8M Freedom Business with John Chen

When people are being laid off and ‘secure’ jobs aren’t as stable as they used to be, what do you do? You can take some of your job income and savings and invest it into buying assets like websites.

Ep 45: How Cole Turned A Side-Hustle Website Into a $10 Million Payday

Today, you’ll hear how he did it by selling a $49 information product, delivered online with no staff. His ideas could potentially double or even triple your website income.

Ep 59: How To Allocate In A Recession – Lessons from a Multi-Million Dollar Website Portfolio

Today, Ewen Finser from Venture 4th Media shares his insights about allocating and managing multi-million-dollar website portfolios, particularly during a potential recession.

Ep 60: How to Turn Your Passion into a Million Dollar Online Business with David Tao

Can you really make money from your passion and actually turn it into a profitable business? In today’s interview with David Tao we find out how he achieved this.

Ep 71: How She Bought a $5K Bargain Website (Now Worth Over 6-Figures)

Imagine doing a lap around Australia with no deadlines and no end date. You’ve rented out your house, and quit your corporate job. There’s no more nine to five, and you’ve got semi-passive income coming in from your website.

Ep 7: How To Flip Websites For $9 Million in 5 Years with Joe Valley

In this episode, you’ll hear how a broke single dad turned his life around by learning how to flip websites, including how he flipped his first website for $7500!

Ep 5: A Beginner’s Journey To $5,000 per month with Lisa

Buying websites for passive income is an amazing way to work from home. In this episode, we invite Lisa, a student of Matt and Liz Raad, to share her successes.

Ep 14: Expert Website Broker, Chris Guthrie, Shares How to Build a 7-Figure Content Website

If you’re looking to build and sell a 7-figure content site, then you’ll want to hear this interview with Chris Guthrie who said goodbye to his 9-5 job at Microsoft.

Ep 6: How To Renovate Websites & Make $8,000 Per Month In 8 Hours Per Year

What if you could make $8,000 per month in semi-passive income, working only 8 hours a year? That’s what Nathan and Alexa have achieved.

Ep 25: From $0 & Stressed To $100k Months Living in Paradise

In this episode, Liz Raad interviews Lucy Walter and Gary Clements who have used their new digital skills to escape the grind and stress of traditional business.

Ep 29: Top 3 Sites to Buy On Flippa

In this episode, Matt and Liz Raad explain how to buy websites on Flippa for passive income by applying 3 types of searches to find profitable websites.

Ep 27: How This Couple Replaced Their Income Within 1-Year

Liz Raad interviews Amish and Avani, who trained with eBusiness Institute and started a web design business with no experience and successfully replaced their incomes within 12 mo

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