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Top 3 Sites To Buy On Flippa

In this episode, Matt and Liz Raad explain how to buy websites on Flippa for passive income by applying 3 types of searches to find profitable websites.

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In this episode, Matt and Liz Raad explain how to buy websites on Flippa for passive income.
When you’re looking to start buying websites on Flippa, there are 3 types of searches we recommend all of our students use when looking for websites to buy on Flippa because the goal isn’t to buy websites where you end up buying yourself another job.
The goal is to buy websites that run in the background so you can have more time and freedom to do what you want with the people you want while your website portfolio is providing you passive income that covers your monthly expenses.

Today, You Will Learn

  • Buying websites for passive income, not buying yourself another job
  • 3 main searches to look for when buying passive income websites
  • How to search for sites on Flippa
  • Why you want to search for content websites to buy
  • 2 monetisations we look for when buying websites on Flippa
  • How to find established websites on Flippa, not starter websites
  • How to search for websites on Flippa based on how much profit it is making
  • Buying websites that are under $1000 to start

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Thanks for listening.  We hope you enjoyed today’s episode and feel confident when buying websites on Flippa to apply the right searches to find profitable websites to buy on Flippa for passive income.  Additional resources and show notes are provided below.

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