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Is SEO Dead?

Have you been impacted by the latest Google updates? Or do you worry about whether AI will kill your online business?

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Have you been hearing that SEO is dead? Maybe you’ve been impacted by the latest Google updates? Or you’re worried about whether AI will kill your online business?

We’re always amused whenever we hear this because we’ve ridden through so many Google updates over the last decade. Yet, every time there’s a major update, we make money.

So, today, we’ll give you some insights into our experience and how you can turn what seems like “the end” into an opportunity to grow and scale because these changes are actually GOOD for making money online.

Today, You Will Learn:

  • Who’s been impacted the most by the Google updates
  • The 3 key things Google look for in content
  • The important aspects of SEO to focus on
  • Why the Google updates have provided a unique buying opportunity for online businesses
  • How to increase the value of your online businesses
  • If AI has changed how we do SEO
  • How to make money online outside of affiliate marketing

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