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How Cole Turned A Side-Hustle Website Into a $10 Million Payday

Today, you’ll hear how he did it by selling a $49 information product, delivered online with no staff. His ideas could potentially double or even triple your website income.

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Today, you’ll hear how he did it by selling a $49 information product that was all delivered online with no staff.
In fact, Cole Humphus is going to share 4 ideas that could all potentially double or even triple your website income — all with the website visitors you already have.
Cole went from making $48,000 a year at his job to starting his photography business but struggling with it to eventually finding success and selling it for 8-figures. But it wasn’t all smooth-sailing because for 6 months, Cole created new articles and videos every night, but nobody was coming to the website or caring. It got so bad he wanted to quit, not once but three times. “I wanted to quit three times in the first six months because I was burned out” he said in a recent interview.
But he stayed with it and that’s why I wanted to bring Cole on today – for him to share his insights on how you can increase your website’s income without having to get more traffic.

Today, You Will Learn

  • Some unique alternative monetisation strategies for your websites you may not have thought about
  • How he got started making money online from his passion
  • The importance of regular, consistent action
  • The value of knowing WHO is visiting your website
  • The power of selling small monthly memberships when making money online

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