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How to Buy Website Bargains (that everyone is missing) with Nelson Ferreira from Trustiu

In this interview, Nelson Ferreira from Trustiu, is going to share how to find website bargains that most people are missing.

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Trustiu is a unique marketplace to buy and sell digital websites and YouTube channels. Nelson is going to share how to find website bargains that most people are missing.

I interview Nelson Ferreira from Trustiu about why it can be so lucrative buying Spanish and European websites (we own several) PLUS the new opportunities in buying YouTube channels for their traffic.

YouTube channels as an investment could be the next big lucrative trend in this space and they are still relatively cheap – don’t get left behind, educate yourself on this new opportunity now.

If you are looking for cheap websites to buy (in the sweetspot of $5000 to $100K) with lots of potential upside, then make sure you check out today’s Digital Investor Podcast. 

Today, You Will Learn

  • What makes Trustiu a unique marketplace for buying and selling digital assets
  • How Nelson learned SEO and used it to grow a site to €150k in 3 months
  • The 3 reasons why people buy European-based content websites (and why we did)
  • And how to buy and sell YouTube channels (and why it’s easier in some cases)

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Thanks for listening.  We hope you enjoyed today’s episode and have been inspired by Nelson’s insights, to learn new ways to grow your wealth and income with online assets.  Additional resources and show notes are provided below.

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